The Big Horn Polo Club is located just outside Sheridan, Wyoming, in the foothills of the majestic Big Horn Mountains and features three fields. Our home is the Big Horn Equestrian Center, 352 Bird Farm Road, Sheridan, WY.

The 2014 Big Horn Equestrian Center Ball was a great success - held the first Saturday in December, is was the party of the season in Sheridan! Photos will be available for download. Check back!

Thank you to our Big Horn Polo Club Sponsors!

For information contact:
Big Horn Polo Club Manager Kristine Dalton
Big Horn Polo Club President Perk Connell

mailing address: 521 Beaver Creek Road
Sheridan, WY 82801


Spectators are encouraged to come to Sunday polo for an afternoon of tailgating and the admission is free! There are bleachers and an announcer for each Sunday game, and concessions are availble for food and drinks. You'll find Big Horn Polo Club merchandise (shirts, caps, etc.) available for sale during the Sunday games. After the last match, the clubhouse is open to everyone for drinks and conversation.

Polo begins the first week of June and we play through Labor Day weekend. There are practice games on Wednesday and Friday at 3pm and 5pm. Sunday tournament games are at 2pm in June, and 1pm and 3pm in July and August. There are some tournament games on Friday evenings as well. The game schedule, along with the results of tournaments already played, is available. Check out the Schedule page.

Come join us for a summer of good polo in an area that has a multitude of things to do and see!

Club Awards from 2014:
Best Green String - tie: Troy Lequerica / Shane Rice
Best Made String - Kristine Dalton
Best Groom - Rene from Jan Pamela
Most Fun to Play With - Shane Rice
Most Fun to Play Against - Rob Beckman

Most Improved - Bob Brotherton
Best Sportsman - Wayne Garrison
Up-and-Coming Player of the Year - Jim Ulibarri
(honorable mentions to Martha Gose & Stacie Coe)
Most Helpful Club Member - Judy Fuller
(honorable mentions to Perk, Tom & Gus)

Club Awards from 2013:
Best Green String - Brendon Whittle/G-String
Best Made String - Wayne Garrison/Kristine Dalton
Best Groom - tie vote: Angie / Rene
Most Fun on the Field - Miguel Sylvestre
Most Improved - Bob Brotherton
All Around Sportsman - Wayne Garrison

It was a great awards night at the Big Horn Polo Club
in August 2012. . .
Skey Johnston was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Sportsmanship/Horseman Award - Brendon Whittle
Best Mounted - Wayne Garrison
Most fun to play with or against - Tom Gose
Most Improved - Rob Beckman
Best Groom - Angie Miech

Awards from 2011:
Horsemanship Award - Richard Dudman
Best Green Horse String - Marius Hoffman
Most Improved - Amanda Taylor
Best Groom - Timmy Ryan