Big Horn Smokehouse Closeout
August 27, 2017

3:00 p.m.
Big Horn Smokehouse

Century 21

#1 Candace Swanson
Stacie Beckman  
#2 Martha Gose
  Bob Brotherton  
#3 Joe Fitzsimons
  Ethan Galis  
#4 Brad Scherer
  Katie Connell George  

Umpire: Troy Lequerica
Big Horn Smokehouse defeated Century 21, 7-3.
MVP: Stacie Beckman
BPP: "La Martina", played by Joe Fitzsimons

Winning Team: Big Horn Smokehouse

Winners: Candace Swanson, Martha Gose, Joe Fitzsimons, Brad Scherer.

Runner-Up Team: Century 21

Runners-up: Katie Connell George, Stacie Beckman, Ethan Galis, Bob Brotherton.


Stacie Beckman.

Best Playing Pony

Best Playing Pony: Nacho, Joe Fitzsimons, and "La Martina".

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