The Malcolm Wallop Challenge
July 1, 2018

1:00 p.m.
Big Horn Smokehouse

Century 21

#1 Bob Brotherton
Michael Maritz /
Michael Mora
#2 Hutch Radcliff
  Trent Passini  
#3 Harry Caldwell
  Charlie Caldwell  
#4 Orrin Connell
  Sergio Villanueva  

Umpires: Steve Dalton, Karen Reese
Big Horn Smokehouse defeated Century 21, 11-10
MVP: Trent Passini
BPP: "Pocatella" owned by Gillian Johnston, played by Sergio Villanueva

Winning Team: Big Horn Smokehouse

Winners: Bob Brotherton, Hutch Radcliff, Harry Caldwell, Orrin Connell, with
the Honorable Harry Herbert, Isabel Wallop, Amy Hendrickson, Michael Wallop and Paul Wallop.

Runner-Up Team: Century 21

Runners-up: Michael Mora, Michael Maritz, Trent Passini, Charlie Caldwell, and Sergio Villanueva,
with Paul Wallop, Amy Hendrickson, the Honorable Harry Herbert, Michael Wallop and Isabel Wallop.


Michael Wallop with MVP Trent Passini and Isabel Wallop.

Best Playing Pony

Best Playing Pony: "Pocatella".

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