The Kurt Luplow Memorial sponsored by Fremont Motors, B-Flight
August 5, 2018

2:30 p.m.

UW polo team- brown
Ralph Lauren - white
Baileywick - red
Cass Kostenlik
Rosemary Musselman
Ella Miller-Hodge
Kate Fitzsimons
Rebecca Colnar
Sarah Cooper
Allie Connell
Julie Nicholson
Joscelyn Gray

Umpire: Megan Flynn
1st Game: Ralph Lauren defeated UW Polo 1-0.
2nd Game: Baileywick defeated UW Polo 2-0.
3rd Game: Ralph Laured defeated Baileywick 2-0.

Winning Team: Ralph Lauren

Julie Nicholson, Rebecca Colnar, Rosemary Musselman, with Terri Luplow.

Runner-Up Team: Baileywick

Joscelyn Gray, Sarah Cooper, and Ella Miller-Hodge.

Runner-Up Team: UW Polo

Cass Kostenlik, Kate Fitzsimons, and Allie Connell, with Terri Luplow.

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