Big Horn Smokehouse Closeout
August 26, 2018

3:00 p.m.
Hammer Chevrolet

Big Horn Smokehouse

#1 Suzy Dix
Bob Brotherton  
#2 Trent Passini
  Katie George  
#3 Orrin Connell
  Lucio Benedit  
#4 Shane Rice
  Brad Scherer  

Umpires: Steve Dalton
Hammer Chevrolet defeated Big Horn Smokehouse, 7-5
MVP: Shane Rice
BPP: "Borderline", owned by Wayne Garrison, played by Lucio Benedit

Pig Sticking took place today, with rounds going on between games and at halftime. Rob Bekcman and Cody Dix were official "pig draggers", and eight competitors took part in the fun! Hector Galindo, Jason Crowder, Orrin Connell, Brad Blake, Shane Rice, Murray Townsend, Susie Flanigin, Michael Mora.
In the gold medal round, Shane Rice beat out Murray Townsend for the win.

Winning Team: Hammer Chevrolet

Winners: Shane Rice, Orrin Connell, Trent Passini, and Suzy Dix, with Perk Connell.

Runner-Up Team: Big Horn Smokehouse

Runners-up: Brad Scherer, Lucio Benedit, Katie George, Bob Brotherton.


MVP Shane Rice, with Perk Connell .

Best Playing Pony

Best Playing Pony: "Borderline" with Angie Gregson and Lucio Benedit.

Pig Sticking Grand Champion

Winner of the pig-sticking: Shane Rice, with Jill Moriarty who backed him in the calcutta, and Lori Hampton.

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