Shane Winkler Day - C & K Equipment
August 11, 2019

3:00 p.m.

Bistro 307

Hammer Chevrolet

#1 Jim Ulibarri
Julie Nicholson /
Sarah Cooper
#2 Abby Benton
  Bob Brotherton  
#3 Nicholas Place
  Carter Nix  
#4 Michael Maritz
  Michael Mora /
Ethan Galis

Umpire: Taylor Freeman
Bistro 307 defeated Hammer Chevrolet after the teams tied, 3-3.
The tie was broken with a wheelbarrow race.

MVP: Abby Benton
BPP : "Spirit" owned by Hope Arellano, played by Michael Maritz

Winning Team: Bistro 307

Winners: Jim Ulibarri, Abby Benton, Nicholas Place, Michael Maritz, with Michael Wallop.

Runner-Up Team: Hammer Chevrolet

Runners-up: Bob Brotherton, Michael Mora, Ethan Galis, Sarah Cooper, Carter Nix, with Michael Wallop.


Abby Benton, with Michael Wallop.

Best Playing Pony

"Spirit" with Hope Arellano and Michael Maritz.

Tie Breaker Wheelbarrow Race
on your marks...
Michael Maritz and Jim Ulibarri just edged out Ethan Galis and Michael Mora.

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