Bucky King Memorial / Sagebrush Open
August 30, 2019

2:00 p.m.


Beaver Creek /
San Pedro Ranch

#1 Nicholas Place
Bob Brotherton  
#2 Amanda Blackman
  Joe Fitzsimons  
#3 DeeDee Connell
  Katie George  
#4 Alex Caro
  Michael Maritz  

Umpires: Troy Lequerica & Will Johnston
Coca-Cola defeated Beaver Creek/San Pedro Ranch 2-1
MVP: Alex Caro
BPP : "Rhumba" owned by G-String Ponies, played by Alex Caro

Winning Team: Coca-Cola

Winners: DeeDee Connell, Alex Caro, Amanda Blackman, and Nicholas Place,
with Todd Swanson and Mike Morton.

Runner-Up Team: Beaver Creek/San Pedro Ranch

Runners-up: Bob Brotherton, Joe Fitzsimons, Katie George, and Michael Maritz,
with Todd Swanson and Mike Morton.


Alex Caro, with Perk Connell.

Best Playing Pony

"Rhumba" with Alex Caro, Todd Swanson, Mike Morton, Manuel and Miguel.

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