Margarita League
September 1 and 2, 2019

10:00 a.m.

Stacie Beckman
Sarah Cooper
Jos Lequerica
Whitney Wicks
Rebecca Colnar
Sloan Dickey
Chris Beato
Garrett Way
Patrick Mudd
Larae Burtenshaw
Alanni Lorash
Jenn Gage

Coach and Umpire: Megan Flynn
The Margarita League at the Big Horn Polo Club has been busy this year!
This is where those who are new to the sport of polo (and some of them new to riding as well) can learn the basics and have a chance to play in some chukkers along with more experienced players.
These folks have been taking lessons and practicing all summer. They've played practice chukkers twice a week, and few tournaments as well. Today was a chance to show their stuff to a bigger audience.

First: Red. . . 1 win, 1 tie
Second: White. . . 2 ties
Third: Blue. . . 1 tie, 1 loss

BPP : the little chestnut played by Garrett Way

All three teams

Winning Team: Red

Whitney Wicks, Stacie Beckman, Larae Burtenshaw, Chris Beato.

Runner-Up Team: White

Garrett Way, Alanni Lorash, Sarah Cooper, Rebecca Colnar.

Runner-Up Team: Blue

Sloane Dickey, Joscelyn Lequerica, Patrick Mudd, Jenn Gage.

Best Playing Pony

Garrett Way with his BPP

Come join us for a summer of good polo in an area that has a multitude of things to do and see!

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