Friday Night Lights sponsored by Grinnell Street Dental
July 23, 2021

5:00 p.m.

Wyo Ag
Rancho Mucho Dinero
Got Your Back
Rosemary Musselman
Alex King
Jessica Keneally
Mateo Bilbao
Jack Bryant
Santos Teves
Karen Reese
Trent Passini
Carly Persano
Shane Rice
Gonzalo Teves

1st game: Wyo Ag defeated Rancho Mucho Dinero 5-1.
2nd game:
Got Your Back defeated Rancho Mucho Dinero 5-3.
3rd game: Got Your Back defeated WyoAg tied 2-1.
1st place: Got Your Back
2nd place: WyoAg
3rd place: Rancho Mucho Dinero

Winning Team: Got Your Back

Winners: Jessica Keneally, Carly Persano, Gonzalo Teves, Santos Teves.

Runner-Up Team: WyoAg

Runners-up: Jose, Karen Reese, Rosemary Musselman, and Mateo Bilbao.

Runner-Up Team: Rancho Mucho Dinero

Runners-up, with Perk Connell: Jack Bryant, Alex King, Trent Passini, and Shane Rice.

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