Friday Night Lights sponsored by Kid Curious
July 30, 2021

5:00 p.m.

Wyo Ag
Rancho Mucho Dinero
Got Your Back
Whistle Uys
Shane Winkler
Wesley Bryan
Max Barnes
Serena Belsby
Rosemary Musselman
Kristine Hardwick
Carly Persano
Troy Lequerica
John Michael Durr
Jessica Keneally
Anne Andras

1st game: Rancho Mucho Dinero and Got Your Back tied 1-1.
2nd game:
Wyo Ag defeated Rancho Mucho Dinero 4-2.
3rd game: Got Your Back tied WyoAg tied 2-2.
1st place: Wyo Ag
2nd place: Got Your Back
3rd place: Rancho Mucho Dinero

Weather moved in at the end of the game, so trophies were given out to individual players at their trailers. Unfortunately, there are no team pictures.

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