Friday Night Lights sponsored by Kid Curious
August 13, 2021

5:00 p.m.

Wyo Ag

Rancho Mucho Dinero

#1 Jessica Keneally
Hunter Latham  
#2 Carter Nix
  Camille Latham  
#3 Bonnie McGill
  Gonzalo Teves
#4 Carly Persano
  Chip Campbell  

Rancho Mucho Dinero defeated Wyo Ag 5-3

Winning Team: Rancho Mucho Dinero

Winners: Chip Campbell, Gonzalo Teves, Hunter Latham, Camille Latham

Runner-Up Team: Wyo Ag

Runners-up: Bonnie McGill, Carter Nix, Jessica Keneally, Carly Persano

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