Don King Days Championship
September 6, 2021

11:00 a.m.



#1 Sheryl Sick
Michael Mora /
Julie Nicholson
#2 Robbin Figge
  Nicholas Place  
#3 Austin Figge
  Gillian Johnston  
#4 CarlosGalindo
  Will Johnston  

Umpires: Jamie Mirikitani and Wesley Bryan
Coca-Cola defeated Minnesota 10-3.5
MVP: Gillian Johnston
BPP: "Milagrosa" played by Will Johnston

Winning Team: Coca-Cola

Winners: Michael Mora, Julie Nicholson, Will Johnston, Gillian Johnston, Nicholas Place
with Bill King, Donny King, and Robin Johnson of Impact Auto Body

Runner-Up Team: Minnesota

Runners-up: Carlos Galindo, Austin Figge, Robbin Figge, and Sheryl Sick
with Bill King and Donny King

MVP sponsored by Mike Morton

MVP Gillian Johnston with Mike Morton

Best Playing Pony sponsored by Mike Morton

Best Playing Pony: "Milagrosa" with Miike Morton, Will Johnston, and Pablo Dario Albornoz

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