Don King Days Margarita League - A Flight
September 5, 2022

10:00 a.m.

Big Horn Polo Club
WYTX Cattle Co.
Impact Auto Body
Shea Fogarty
Wade McCool
Robin Johnson
Larae Burtenshaw
Michelene McCool
Tina Scherer
Syndey Shaw
Candace Swanson
Gretchen Schumacher
Stella Dalton
Zoe Elyada
Jamie Gorsich

Winners: Impact Auto Body

Impact Auto Body: Gretchen Schumacher, Jamie Gorsich, Robin Johnson, Pia LInk - substitute, Tina Scherer

Runners-up: Big Horn Polo Club

Big Horn Polo Club: Stella Dalton, Shea Fogarty, Larae Burtenshaw, Sydney Shaw

WYTX Cattle Company

WYTX: Wade and Michelene McCool, Zoe Elyada, Candace Swanson, with Perk Connell


MVP: Shea Fogarty

Best Playing Pony

Best Playing Pony: "Stevie" with Larae Burtenshaw

Come join us for a summer of good polo in an area that has a multitude of things to do and see!

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